Innovative Technology

UPT utilizes innovative leading edge technology to track shipments, dispatch vehicles and monitor inventory control. Our highly-trained customer service staff operates advanced technology to support our drivers and serve your needs.

Benefits of Using UPT

At UPT we believe that the best way we can provide our customers with seamless delivery is to completely understand each customer's needs. We will partner with you and offer your company the finest resources and advanced technology guaranteeing satisfaction.

Our customers enjoy the very best in the industry including:

  • Fully modern, compartmentalized product trailers. Click here to visit our Equipment Page.
  • The top drivers - We recruit and employ select drivers with exceptional records. Strict motor vehicle record checks, physical exams, road tests, and drug screenings are a few of the test administered to drivers before and during employment.
  • Exceptional Safety Records - UPT drivers have been honored with state "driver of the year" awards. Our fleet has received honors from the National Tank Truck Carriers Association in safety competition.
  • Our tractors and trailer have weight saving characteristics that maximize product load for cost-efficiency.
  • We maintain an extensive cleaning facility network throughout the country to provide inspection quality trailer interiors that ensure product integrity.

If you would like to learn more about how UPT can provide your company seamless delivery, every time, please contact our sales department or click here to order a full brochure.