What Do Our Drivers Say?

Rogelio "Roger" Flores

Professional UPT Driver since: 08/26/1997

Rogelio “Roger” Flores has been hauling fuel for seventeen years. His dedication to this industry began in El Paso, Texas in 1988. After a few years in the trucking business, Roger decided to explore his options and then chose to drive over the road. Soon Roger began to miss his family and he decided to take a local driving position. So, he began driving for United Petroleum Transports in 1997. Over the years, he has been a Lease driver and a Company driver and says “either way it’s a career that gives him a chance to be close to home and make the money he needs.” And what he really likes is having the stability of his future secure. The best advice Roger can give to someone entering the industry is to be patient and you will be successful.

We are very proud to have drivers like Roger Florez with us and wish him the best of luck!


Derek De La Torre

Professional UPT Driver since: 08/14/2004

Derek De La Torre came to the USA from Mexico in 1992 and has 3 children. And since he was born, he loved “big rigs” and always wanted to drive one. He was lucky enough to attend truck driving school in 1999 and get a job with an over the road company. He drove all 48 states and was only home every 5 weeks. He says he missed his children and wife terribly and was in search of a local driving job. So for 4 yrs. he searched and when he found United Petroleum Transports he knew it would be a big change, but he had to be near his family. Derek began his employment with UPT as a company driver and we trained him to pull a tanker. His trainer taught him; first you have to learn how to do the job correctly. Derek quickly learned that making deliveries at night was the best time for him and he was very successful. Even today, every time his trainer passes by him, he tells him that he appreciates him and is very proud of him. Derek says it makes feel great & when you’re appreciated, it makes a big difference.

In May 2005, UPT offered Derek a Lease Purchase Truck and he accepted. Derek has been very happy with his truck and the Lease Purchase program. As an Owner Operator, Derek plans to pay off this rig and buy another new one soon. Although Derek has a choice to work regional or local, he loves working local and he really enjoys spending time with his family. United Petroleum Transports would like to congratulate Derek for his great attitude and outstanding job performance. We look forward to his dedication and hope he will remain with us for a long time.